AIMA's Global Policy & Regulatory Forum, held annually, is our leading policy and regulatory event. It provides an important opportunity for the alternative investment industry to meet and engage with senior policymakers and regulators from around the world. In 2019, nearly 300 members from across the region and world came together in New York to discuss the disruption and new opportunities created by technological change.

The macro outlook for 2020 and beyond
This session, which will set the scene for the day, is devoted to a discussion of the macro outlook for the year ahead, exploring the economic, monetary and political trends and risks that provide the backdrop to the current regulatory reform agenda, covering issues including global trade dynamics and political unrest. We will explore the risks to firms’ business models, as well as the opportunities that will emerge in terms of strategies, products and regional

Building the digital economy
This session is devoted to the role of data and technology in asset management, exploring the potential for alternative data, artificial intelligence and machine learning to transform the investment process and give firms the competitive edge. We will consider the regulatory response to these changes, whilst also looking at how firms approach risks relating to data security.

What is the right approach when it comes to exploiting the possibilities associated with technology whilst maintaining
firm resilience?

New strategies. New style.
In the quest for alpha, investment managers are increasingly diversifying – whether that be a move into other asset classes or an expansion into different segments of the alternatives
space. At the same time, regulators are taking a keen interest in various aspects of the investment process, including sustainability, diversity and activism. These forces, as well as
investor demands, are combining to create new risks for firms: what does an agile response look
like in this context?

Industry perspectives
This session will bring together senior
representatives of our industry to shine a light on the big trends that will change the alternatives space in years to come.

We will also consider the industry’s journey in the thirty years since AIMA was founded in 1990.
And looking ahead: how can we respond to regulatory scrutiny of so-called ‘short-termism’?

Redefining borders
This session is devoted to the question of how the regulation of cross-border activities – whether relating to marketing, trading or infrastructure – is shifting in light of geopolitical and market developments. We will consider not just the EU/UK relationship, but also more broadly the approach taken in sectoral legislation, including AIFMD and MiFID II, to dealing with third-country firms, with a view to answering the question: how should firms respond to the risk of greater fragmentation?